Car Freshies

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Welcome to BargzNY, where artisanal 'freshies' are handcrafted in the heart of New York! If you're new to the freshie experience, think of them as versatile air fresheners perfect for your car, locker, drawers, closet, and more. Our signature scents, uniquely shaped and customized for the New York vibe, bring freshness to any space.

Here are some pointers for using our freshies:

  • Not for consumption—these are for delightful scents only.
  • Avoid placing them where they could potentially cause stains.
  • In hot temperatures, especially when used as car fresheners, they may melt.
  • Typically lasting 30-45 days, the fragrance endures longer in cooler weather.
  • You might acclimate to the scent, but rest assured, others will still enjoy it!

Indulge in our exclusively handcrafted, custom-made car freshies, each tailored to elevate your New York journey!