Jojoba Carrier Oil

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Revitalize Your Skin With Jojoba Essential Oil

When it comes to body care, using all-natural jojoba oil can provide the utmost nourishment for your skin or hair. But what is jojoba oil and why should you use it? Sourced from jojoba trees, this oil contains skin-restoring qualities which makes it ideal for people with dry skin. If you're dealing with acne or clogged pores, you can use jojoba oil for face care to keep your skin looking radiant. But, one of the other great jojoba oil uses is as a hair care product to hydrate your scalp and hinder flakes.

Jojoba oil benefits people of all ages and is available in a variety of sizes depending on your specific needs. And, we also carry jojoba essential oil in both roller bottle or flat cap options. Flat cap bottles are great for adding the jojoba oil to a lotion while roller bottles are great for directly applying it to the skin. Whatever you need jojoba essential oil products for, you'll wish that you had started using this wonderful oil sooner. Order now!