Our Story

The BargzOils story is one about love, passion, and family.

Steve Flores, our founder, enjoyed a calm evening as he sipped a cup of hot coffee with his spouse on the patio of their New York home. This day, the conversation between this pair was both interesting and challenging. It was about the well being of their children. They realized that they often spent up to an hour just trying to get the youngsters to retire in bed after a hard day of play. For Steve and his wife, they had done everything to make their kids’ bedroom conducive for sleep and rest. It was during this research that they came across an article on essential oils and their benefits – one of which was to help relax kids for bed.

The couple realized that they could use lavender essential oil to help the whole family relax after the daily grind. They also came across other oils that had immense benefits.

On that nightly evening, BargzOils was born. Steve - known to be the entrepreneur in the family - also discovered that many parents like him would benefit from the natural benefits of organic essential oils.

Since then, BargzOils has been supplying premium natural and organic oils. Just about a year since our inception, we are one of the fastest growing providers of essential oils to individual buyers and professional therapists across the country.

We are committed to adhering to the highest standards of quality, and go above and beyond to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

“From our family to yours. Essential oils for life”